Architectural Netting

About Us

We take pride in making the best tensioned netting products available. Our designs and inspirations are taken from nautical roots and we remain fully committed to serving our ocean-going customers as they routinely take our products through the most difficult testing grounds and waters in existence. We firmly believe that if we make the best tensioned nets in existence for the ocean-going multihull sailor that when we carry that same design to your home's installation it will perform to the highest level. Click Here to see more pictures in our main gallery.

2” webbing on a day charter boat.
1” Silver Dyneema being used at a resort in the Maldives
1” Silver Dyneema with a rope border
3/8” offshore in 14’ x 24’ dock space
Square hole mesh in customer designed deck
Silver Dyneema with black vinyl border for resort
Silver Dyneema with grey vinyl border for resort
3/8” offshore coated dark blue for customer’s home deck
3/8” offshore coated gray on and Outremer
Silver dyneema with black vinyl border for resort in the Maldives
1” webbing net
Square hole mesh on customer designed dock

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