Hobie 16
Hobie 16

Prindle 16
Prindle 16

Prindle 19
Prindle 19

Nacra 6.0
Nacra 6.0

Hobie 18
Hobie 18

Mystere 5.5 & 6.0

Super Cat 17
SuperCat 17
bolt rope aft

Hobie 18M Wing
Hobie 18
Magnum Wing

Hobie 18SX Wing
Hobie 18
SX Wing

The best Catamaran Trampolines available from the company most experienced in Multihull Netting

Beach Cat Trampoline
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All beachcat trampolines are available in 4 major options

. Black Polypropylene Mesh
. Blue Polypropylene Mesh *
. PTFE Stitching
. Standard Polyester Stitching
Beachcat Trampoline Prices


Polypropylene mesh is the most durable mesh available. It is woven tight enough to provide a smooth comfortable surface, yet allow water to drain through quickly. This is not a coated material, it gets its UV resistance from carbon black compounded into the fibers. In black it can last for over 10 years in the sun. Additionally, this mesh has very low stretch and is not damaged by stitching so pockets or accessories can easily be added anywhere on the trampoline.


We use 2 different types of thread, a heavy duty polyester and PTFE. The PTFE thread is completely unaffected by exposure to UV light, and will last forever. Our guarantee for the trampoline is extended to 5 years with the teflon thread. The polyester thread is the same as used in most canvas shops and if protected from the UV will last for many years.

Bias Cut

Most trampolines with boltrope track on 3 sides are bias cut which means that the fibers of the mesh run at a 45 deg. angle to the sides. This eliminates the need to lace from 2 sides since the fibers pull at the adjacent sides from the lacing side and stretch the entire surface tight. This also increases the holding power of the grommets since all the fibers of the mesh can wrap around the reinforcement.


All trampoline borders are heavily reinforced. Grommet borders are double wrapped around stiff vinyl reinforcement and sewn with seven rows of stitching. Boltropes are a continuation of the tramp mesh, not added on, and on bias tramps, vinyl covered for chafing protection. Pipe sleeves are also made from the tramp mesh, not added on, and vinyl covered.

Other Items

Hiking straps are all adjustable style, made from 2 ply 2" wide black polypropylene webbing. The standard velcro pockets included on many tramps are a bias cut 11" x 12": with a 1/2" pleat on 2 sides for extra volume and a low profile. Lacing cover flaps (Nacra's & Prindle 19's) are 2 ply mesh to prevent wrinkling and include sets of small tie down grommets in the corners. Additional pockets or modifications are available.