Coatings / Colors

Netting fabrics can be colored in several ways. Polypropylene is a softer plastic and pigments can be impregnated into the polymers, but stronger Nylon and Polyester fibers must be either dyed or coated. Dyes will fade and offer very little UV resistance, where vinyl coatings fade less and offer significant UV protection. Factory coated woven fabrics are available up to 6 ft wide but not on wider or more open materials.

We can apply a vinyl coating to these wider, more open netting materials. This is a highly elastic vinyl coating, applied to the nets while they are under tension. We have developed this coating over many years to maximize its abrasion resistance while at the same time retaining enough flexibility to avoid cracking as it ages. The chart below shows the colors available on our in-house coated netting along with border fabric, and other material colors.

Our in-house applied coating is a water based, air dry product, which will dry to touch overnight but will take several days to completely cure. during this curing time the net can be installed on the boat but traffic should be kept to a minimum to avoid damaging the coating.

Colors Product Color Availability
Color Name Net Color Default Border Color In-House Coated Netting* Polypropylene Mesh Textilene Mesh Square Hole Mesh
White     Checkmark   Checkmark Checkmark
Black Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark  
Grey Checkmark   Checkmark  
Dusky Grey Checkmark      
Light Blue Checkmark      
Pacific Blue Checkmark   Checkmark  
Dark Blue Checkmark Checkmark    
Navy Blue Checkmark   Checkmark  
Aquamarine Checkmark      
Persian Green Checkmark   Checkmark  
Forest Green Checkmark      
Tan Checkmark   Checkmark  
Orange Checkmark   Checkmark  
Red Checkmark   Checkmark  
Burgundy Checkmark      

* Netting Materials that use the In-House Coating
  • Coated Polyester Mesh
  • Light Duty 3/4" Nylon Open Net
  • Offshore 3/8" Polyester Open Net
  • Ultra Pro 1-1/4" Polyester Open Net
  • 1" Webbing Nets
  • 2" 3Ply Webbing Nets