Lacing Line Calculator

Use the Form below to calculate the amount of line required to lace a single side of your net, based on the size, fastener spacing and lacing gap criteria you enter. You can add line to an order here.
Lacing Line Calculator
Opening Side Length Lacing PatternLine Length
in ft or M
Lacing Point Spacing Alternating
Lacing Gap Perpendicular
Lacing Around Beam? Double
Indivdual Lashings
Information on the Lacing Patterns listed can be seen on the Lacing Patterns page. The Lacing Gap in this calculator should be the distance from the edge of the net to the lacing points, or to the inside edge of the beam, and it assumes lacing to grommets set in 1" from the edge of the net. You can use inches or centimeters to calculate Line Lengths and the results will show in Meters and Feet.