1 inch Webbing Catamaran Net with Battens
Strong Secure netting
for any condition

Wide variety of materials in Webbing, Mesh, and Open Netting

For over 25 years we have been working with sailors and material suppliers to improve and implement better catamaran and trimaran netting solutions. We have developed many techniques and standards for a wide variety of netting products all tested for strength and guaranteed durability. Click Here to see many of our available catamaran and trimaran tramp designs. Click Here for a quick multihull netting guide.

Nets and Trampolines for Catamarans,
Trimarans and all Multihulls

Finding the right net for your boat is a matter of matching up the many netting characteristics and your boats requirements. The main considerations are openness, strength, appearance, comfort, and cost. Use the Fabrication link at the top of this page to see properties and recommendations on options for Trimaran and Catamaran Nets. The Installation link contains information on the various attachment methods used on Multihull Nets. Under the Pricing link you can view prices and place orders for Hobie, Prindle, Nacra, Mystere, Dart and other listed Beach Cat Trampolines, or Lagoon, Fontain Pajot, Corsair Marine, Catana, Privilege, Leopard and many other listed Trimaran and Catamaran Nets. There is also a page for submitting dimensions to request custom net quotes. Under the Service Menu you can contact us, request samples or access current orders.
UltraPro Open Trimaran Net

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