Our entire team here at Sunrise Yacht Products takes great pride in producing what we believe to be the highest quality, longest lasting tensioned nets available for your multihull boats. Nothing makes us happier than to share among our team the testimonial emails we receive and customer recommendations we find on our forums. As a small business focusing on custom products we fully stand behind our products. We believe that when you put your trust in us by ordering through us it is our duty to make your experience happy and headache free…and we will go out of our way as a team to ensure that it is. Below is a small selection of testimonial emails and referrals that we believe reflect the level of effort we put into making your experience with us a great one…and know that if ever you find your experience to be anything less that you can email our owner directly at mbrunnig@multihullnets.com.

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Sovena Jani Resort

Bloomburg Article on Overwater Hammocks

We have designed and manufactured half of the nets in this article.

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Emails from happy customers over the past few years:

WOW! Just WOW! I was out for a sail with friends. a melancholy day as 5 boats went sailing as a memorial to one of our members that passed away May 2. After a great day celebrating his life as a sailor and our chief handicapper, I arrived home to find a huge box inside my home. The Nets! My Estafeta driver knows I never lock my door, so he just left the package inside. Nets arrived in San Diego Late Wednesday last week. My freight forwarder got them into Mexico by Mondy and they were in my house yesterday! I couldn't wait to take a look. WOW. Everything marked, lacing lines tagged. Even the detail of a tag line to run the cable for the Bow Nets! I am super impressed! Damn, if everyone paid that kind of attention to detail. They don't, you do. WOW! I'm charging up the GoPro and I'll try to get a time lapse video of net install for you. Thank You Thank You Thank You (email received May, 2022)


Hi Matt—I just wanted to send a few pictures to you now that we got the netting installed at our new bar/lounge—The Crew House at the Nassau Yacht Haven in the Bahamas. We think they look great and make a fun addition to the lounge area! I also wanted to thank you for not only your stellar service, but kudos to you and your company for how the netting was packed and labelled. It really made it easy to sort all the components out for installation. We did get a practiced hand off one of our port based catamarans to come do the actual installation as he has had much practice at this. He was also impressed with your product and how it arrived. That makes a difference. So thank you very much for everything. (Email received Feb, 2022. Pictures are in the gallery, Nassau Yacht Haven Arch Nets)

Nassau Yacht Haven

The nets are great. They fit my 2005 Corsair 28 perfectly, and had the identical size, shape and grommet pattern as the original nets (also by Sunrise Yacht Products). They were easy to install and look great. Here are some photos. Keep up the good work. (Email received Nov, 2021. Pictures are in the gallery, Corsair 28 Aquamarine)


I purchased a 3/8 Offshore Polyester Open net from you in 2007 and installed it in May 2008 on my Catana 471. My sales order number was 10733. I am happy to report it is still in excellent shape with no damage. It has never been completely removed and has spent 10 winters in the tropics. (Email received May 2021)


Hi Guys, My name is Leo and writing to you from Australia. In 2009 whilst in Trinidad & Tobago, I replaced the Nets on my Catana 471 with your mesh net. Although they had a warranty of 5 years, they are still doing great. If I recall correctly, you had expressed that after a few years it would be good to Paint the nets to further help them with the UV’s. I would like to know if it would be possible to receive some of that paint. The original On my nets has long gone. I hope that the paint is an item that can be shipped by air. If not, could you help me Find a solution? Thank you very much for all your help. (Email received Nov 2020)

Best regards, Leo.

(Email received in 2018) Today my wife decided to repaint the nets for our 65' catamaran that we bought from you in 1998. We elected to use the 1" web and have been, and still are very satisfied with the nets. We have sailed our boat throughout the Caribbean and the South and North Pacific and the nets look as strong as when they were new. We spent several years chartering in the Caribbean and in the South Pacific volunteered to transport medical personnel to remote islands for two years, so the nets have seen lots of weather and traffic. I thought I would send this email as a thank you for making such a great product that has lasted so well. It would be nice if other marine products did so well.

Thanks, Jill & Al

News nets are in and fit perfectly. Attaching photos as fyi…the before and after is truly amazing. We are very happy with the new trampolines. Thanks again for the quick turnaround!

Best, Rebecca

Thank you! We keep staring at it saying how amazing it looks!


The nets arrived safely and fit beautifully. I’m really pleased with them.


I received the nets. Perfect job and service. Thanks a lot. I will recommend you!!


BTW, the tramps look great and are quite a bit lighter than the old ones: Awesome! Thanks for making such great products!!

Best regards, Jon

At the beginning it looked as if it was too small and the lines too short. With lots of work it looks great!

Thank you, Henry

(Our note: We make the nets to fit for the long term, in order for this to work initial fit often appears around 1” tighter than expected, but our nets break in to fit properly thus allowing them to be tensioned properly even after long life on your boat).

Thank you, Matt. I am now in China for final sea trials; we really like the net!!
After sea trials the net will be retensioned here at the factory and I am confident the net will look great and serve its purpose for a long time.

Appreciate your response, Frank

Good afternoon, Matt Just wanted to send you a before and after picture of the new nets. will put on the anchor protector this evening. Everything looks good right now. I will run the boat for a few days then do the final tighten up on the dyneema and send you back the final product. This makes all nine of our catamarans with Sunrise Nets.

Thanks again for your help. Joshua

Thank you for the great service and quality. We love our new trampolines!

Kind Regards, Kate

Hi Matt, we love our new trampoline! We would like an additional piece to go under our anchor chain so that there’s no undue wear on the trampoline. (See pics)


Dear Julia, Dear Sunrise Yachts Team, Thank you so much for supplying us with such high quality nets for our cat. We are very pleased with your merchandise as well as the professional and prompt handling of your staff. We will absolutely recommend your company.

Best regards, Tanja

We got our new tramps installed and are very happy with the quality and the way they fit. Here are a few of the before and after pictures. Just put in a good 12 hour day with the nets and they are so comfy. Thanks again.

Cheers, Chris

A selection of testimonials from multihull user forums (links underneath):

Can't go wrong with these people...

I replaced my nets with their Offshore 3/8" Polyester Open Net nearly 5 years ago. Since then the boat has done over 30000nm and the nets still look as good as new.

The tramp on our Lagoon 410 is manufactured by Sunrise Yacht Products - we absolutely love it – it’s a very fine weave so very comfortable to lounge on. We have taken it through some fairly rough passages and have had absolutely no issues with it - highly recommended.


I'll cast a third vote for Sunrise.

I have to say the workmanship and the fit are spectacular. I went back and forth a little on the color, but have to say that I absolutely love the end result.....Of course it was wood planking before putting this on. Still stretching it out, but I think when we are done it will be within an inch and a half all the way around......

Really an awesome addition to the boat... Thanks for a great job Sunrise!

(No connection to them at all other than being a happy customer! )

Another vote for sunrise. great product and service. warranty is solid as well.

happy customer.

We got a replacement tramp from Sunrise Yacht as well and they deserve recommendation. They took our order, sent the drawing through for confirmation, and three weeks later we had a new tramp. Three years on it still looks great with no signs of wear.

Thumbs up to Sunrise!

I bought a pair of these nets back in 2007. They've done two years in the Caribbean and a complete circumnavigation and are still in great condition. Very comfortable for walking and laying on as well. Can't begin to tell you just how impressed I've been by these.

Great company to deal with as well.

I can second that. The net is very comfortable - a perfect compromise between creature comfort and safety for us. The trampoline is one of the favorite spots on longer passages, and we have not had any issue in rough weather.

And besides: Richard at the factory is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. A nice company to do business with...


The quality of the Sunrise tramp & their service was awesome. Richard Leng emailed a very detailed drawing of the tramp dimensions for the L380 for us to check before construction. There were slight differences & they then altered & made it to measure. Very comforting considering we are in North Queensland, Oz ...... a very long way away from them.


We replaced our trampoline while in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala in 2012. We decided to go for a Dyneema net to get long life, maximum strength, minimum stretch, and minimum wave resistance. We were very pleased with the results.

This is the company you want. They'll make custom nets and send them worldwide. They made mine and shipped them to the BVI. Much, much better than the original nets.

I chose the 3/8 open mesh from Sunrise Products. The price was right as well as the service and quality. The open mesh has worked well in shedding water pretty quickly. Much more quickly then I thought it would. And we have taken water over the deck. It's also comfortable to walk on without fear of getting a toe caught in the mesh. Lying down on it is comfortable too. It was relatively easy to install, just keep in mind that it will look too small to fit when you spread it out. It will fit. They do sell other net styles if you don't want the mesh. Hope this helps...


I have the same. Excellent stuff. Open enough to let the water through, smooth enough to be comfortable. Mine is now 5 years old and looks as good as new.


Replaced both of the OEM nets on my Privilege with the 3/8 product from Sunrise in 1998 and after 15 years exposure to Miami sun and as many as 8 bodies on them at once, they virtually show no sign of wear. Truly, one of the best custom-made marine products in the marketplace. Highly recommended.

Sunrise Yacht Products in Florida made a tramp for our Lavezzi in 2007 which is guaranteed for 6 years. As I recall, the cost was about US $1250. Delivered to Hong Kong. The original FP tramp had failed after 3 years and the new one is still in great shape after 4 1/2 years. The Sunrise tramp is also far nicer in terms of comfort and quality than the original.