UV Degradation

All of the materials that we can make nets out of will suffer from a loss of strength primarily from exposure to UV light which breaks down most synthetic fibers. The chart below shows some results from tests that we have conducted. The samples were exposed to full sun and all other whether elements in Florida. Of further note, we use UV inert thread on all solar exposed trampolines / tensioned hammocks. This is very significantly more expensive than a standard polyester thread, but the difference becomes quite clear after 3 - 5 years of solar exposure. While this is acceptable on nets that are designed for a lifespan of this timeframe, it is unacceptable on our nets which we generally design to have a functional lifespan in the 8 - 15 year range.

UV Chart

test notes;

The results shown are the maximum tensile strength obtained before the sample broke. The numbers have been divided by the sample spacing within the net to yield comparable strength per inch figures. Each data point is the average of at least 3 test results. Samples were exposed in an actual outdoor environment (not laboratory simulated) including full sun, wind, and rain but not saltwater in FLorida. The Dyneema 1" Uncoated is not offered by us as a netting material but was included in this test for comparison with the Urethane coated Dyneema which is available.