Breaking Strength of Net Materials

The actual breaking strength of the netting material is not only an indicator of how much weight it can hold but also of how long it will last. All netting materials loose a precentage of their strength each year from use and exposure to UV light. Extra strength in the netting material means more time in use.

The chart below shows breaking strength data for several netting types. The individual strengths of the net webs, cords, or fibers, have been divided by their spacing to get a uniform, comparable lbs/inch number. This data is on new material and does not take UV degradation,or other degrading factors, which may vary greatly, into account. It is meant for comparison purposes only and does not represent load carrying capacity.

Net Material Breaking Strength per inch

Strength Chart
Polypro- pylene Mesh Textaline Mesh Square Hole Mesh Coated Polyester Mesh Offhsore Light
Ultra Pro 1" Polyester Webbing Net w/2" Avg Gaps 2" 3Ply Polyester Webbing Net w/2-1/2" Avg Gaps

The following table lists breaking strength data for all netting materials

Material type

Lbs / Inch

Polypropylene Mesh 201
Square Hole Mesh 437
Coated Polyester Mesh 145
Offshore 3/8" Polyester Open Net 273
Light Duty3/4" Nylon Open Net 100
Ultra Pro 1 1/2" Polyester Open Net 235
2" 3Ply Black Polypropylene, 3" Avg. Gaps 1240
2" 3Ply Black Polypropylene, 2-1/2" Avg Gaps 1378
2" 3Ply Black Polypropylene, 2" Avg. Gaps 1550
2" 3Ply White Polyester, 3" Avg. Gaps 2160
2" 3Ply White Polyester, 2-1/2" Avg. Gaps 2400
2" 3Ply White Polyester, 2" Avg. Gaps 2700
1" Single Ply White Polyester, 2-1/2" Avg. Gaps 1286
1" Single Ply White Polyester, 2" Avg. Gaps 1500
1" Single Ply White Polyester, 1-1/2" Avg. Gaps 1800
1" Single Ply White Polyester, 1" Avg. Gaps 2250

* The 3Ply black polypropylene webbing has 2 outer plys of polypropylene and a center ply of polyester stitched together with teflon thread

The 3Ply polyester webbing is 3 plys of polyester webbing heat welded together