Multihull Netting Materials

Multihull nets are made from 3 general netting types. We offer a variety of different netting materials within each of these groups. The following chart shows some of the common properties of each group.

  Webbing Nets Mesh Nets Open Nets
StrengthVery HighLow - HighLow - High
OpennessLow - HighVery Low - ModerateHigh - Very High
Comfort Low - ModerateHighModerate - Very Low
Stretch Very LowLow Low - High
Weight HighLow - ModerateLow
Cost Moderate - High Low - Moderate Low - Moderate

Which net is right for your boat is a complicated issue, involving the size and design of your boat, the location of the net on the boat, the type of sailing you plan to do, the amount of use the net will receive, and your personal preferences. We would be glad to discuss the possibilities with you. Click on the netting group names in the chart above or in the menu links at the top of the page to see detailed descriptions of the individual netting types available, as well as information on coating colors, net design, and construction materials