Sunrise Yacht Products will repair to the customer's satisfaction or replace at no charge any Net or Trampoline, which fails under normal use within the first year. Nets or Trampolines failing under normal use in succeeding years of the warranty period will, at our discretion, be repaired at no charge, or given a pro-rated credit toward the purchase of a replacement. This warranty applies to original owners only. The nets must be returned to Sunrise Yacht Products along with a copy of the invoice showing the date of purchase.


Warranty Periods for Various Materials

Webbing Nets
  Vinyl Coated 3 Ply 8 years
  Uncoated 3 Ply 6 years
  Vinyl Coated Single Ply 6 years
  Un-coated Single Ply Non- Commercial use only 4 years
Mesh Nets
  Black Polypropylene Mesh, and Square Hole Mesh, stitched with PTFE Thread 5 years
  Coated Polyester, Blue Polypropylene and Textilene Mesh Nets stitched with PTFE Thread Non-Commerial use only, for nets under 80 sq ft. 3 years
Open Nets
  Offshore 3/8" Polyester, Ultra Pro1-1/2” Polyester vinyl coated, and Dyneema 1” 5 years
  3/4” Light Duty Nylon Open Net Non-Commercial use only, for nets under 80 sq ft. 3 years
  Ultra Pro1-1/2” Polyester un-coated 2 years
All Nets
  Stitched with standard polyester thread 2 years