1inch Webbing Net

Options for the Outremer 55L w/raft cutout

Select one option from each group
Select the Webbing Style

Select the Border Type
Sewn Reinforced Borders Sewn Reinforced Borders

Select the Average Hole Size for the webbing net

Hole Measuremet Hole Size Measurement

Hole sizes within the net will vary, with the larger holes near the wider end of the net. This variance can be minimized on nets made with Sewn Reinforced Borders as they are cut to shape.

For Heavy Weather sailing, moderate size nets should be at least 40% open, while large nets should be at least 50%. For charter boats, boats not sailed in heavy weather, or smaller sized nets, a lower openness would not be a problem. The webbing nets with the largest hole size listed here would be less comfortable, and could be difficult for small children or pets.