If you sail a catamaran or trimaran then you know just how important the performance of your mesh, netting, or webbing trampoline is. Because of this we do not offer all of our materials for all boats. If we are able to reasonably offer a material for your boat, then it is shown below. Select the material to continue with building your boat's next custom net. (For scale all images are of a 12"/30cm wide piece of net).

Material Options for Dragonfly 920 Wing Nets

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Dragonfly 920 Wing
Dragonfly 920 Wing, shown with Boltrope /flat bar inboard, Boltrope Fwd, Cable Sleeve Aft & Outboard (this may not match the options you will select)

For Cruising/Racing Model, add $320 for Extreme. Square hole mesh usually in stock. Square hole mesh is similar to the OEM material and is a good fit. Dyneema is a good alternative for perfomance oriented sailors.

Not a stock item, select material options for your custom net to the right.
Black Polypropylene Mesh
14% Openness
Black Polypropylene Mesh
Estimated Price: $1731 USD

This is a durable net with minimal openness. Most commonly used on beachcat style trampolines, it can also work as a trampoline on other multihulls where low openness is acceptable.

Blue Polypropylene Mesh
14% Openness
Blue Polypropylene Mesh
Estimated Price: $1804 USD

Similar to black polypropylene in weave and usage. It is less durable to UV light and is typically used where the color is important.

Square Hole Mesh
32% Openness
Square Hole Mesh
Estimated Price: $2412 USD

This is a durable material with low-mid openness. Commonly used as an OEM material on Leopards and other boats, it offers good UV resistance and strength and is budget friendly in terms of useful life for its price. It is vinyl coated and available in white.

Coated Polyester Mesh
40% Openness
Coated Polyester Mesh
Estimated Price: $2851 USD

This is a flatter material, similar to Fabloc that we have custom made for this use. Most commonly used as wing nets on trimarans, it can also be used on small to mid-size nets on larger catamarans. It is a medium strength fabric that we coat in the color of your request, very comfortable, and in the right applications it can be an excellent choice. We do not recommend it’s use on nets over 80sqft.

Ultra Pro 1-1/4” Polyester Open Net
75 - 82% Openness
Ultra Pro 1-1/4” Polyester Open NetEstimated Price: $1841 - $2892 USD

Similar to many of the high openness nets on OEM boats, this is a stronger version due to the twisted knotless pattern in which it is manufactured. Very strong and open with a budget friendly price, we see these put on many large opening catamarans where the specific strengths of dyneema are not required.

Dyneema 1” Open Net
69 - 77% Openness
Dyneema 1” Open NetEstimated Price: $3071 - $3849 USD

Dyneema is simply the highest performing net fiber available and the knotless braid we have manufactured for us plays to the strengths of the material. With high openness and minimal stretch, our Dyneema nets are often found on large, high performance catamarans such as the Gunboats. We now have silver dyneema nets available as seamless up to 280” wide. The silver Dyneema nets are coated with a UV protectant to enhance their durability.

Black Dyneema 1” Open Net
69 - 77% Openness
Black Dyneema 1” Open NetEstimated Price: $3254 - $4103 USD

Our black dyneema nets are made with the same strengths as the silver dyneema, but use a pigment for UV protection rather than a coating. This is a more expensive process, but is an amazing looking product with even better UV protection and reduced fade.

1” Webbing Net
33 - 55% Openness
1” Webbing NetEstimated Price: $2345 - $4798 USD

Our 1” webbing nets are custom woven, sewn, and welded for each custom order. They are available in 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, and 2-1/2” average openings with the 1-1/2” average opening being the most popular. These are exceptionally strong and we offer them uncoated, or in any of our custom colors. Naturally, as with all of our coated nets, the coating significantly increases their durability. 1” webbing nets are available in 3 border styles; open web loops, grommet, and with a rope border.