Seawind 1160 Resort

Seawind 1160 Resort Seawind 1160 Resort, shown with Boltrope I. B., Grommets 3 sides
Seawind 1160 Trampolines are typically 3/8" Offshore

The dimensions of this boats net opening are consistent and a Confirmation Drawing is not Required

Netting Material
Dyneema 1” Open Net
Urethane Coated Silver
Net Borders Boltrope I. B., Grommets 3 sides
Part NumberSeawind 1160 Resort DKUT
(White or Tan add'l)
$1,119.00 / set of 2
This item is not in stock and will take approximately 3 weeks to complete

Lacing Line

We offer lacing line in a braided polyester with a core, and a Dyneema or Spectra 12 strand coreless line. You can use our Lacing Line Calculator on the installation menu to determine the correct length and line, and add it to your order on the Lacing Line page.