Atlantic 42

Atlantic 42 Atlantic 42, shown with Grommets all sides
Recommended Trampoline for Atlantic 42 is 3/8" Offshore or 1" Webbing.

If you decide to Order we will provide a CAD Drawing showing the features selected, along with dimensions and details necessary to confirm the fit. We will be able to revise this drawing as necessary and will not start work on an order without your approval.

Shipping Timeframes

In Stock: We have already made these nets for you & they will ship in 1-3 business days (a few of them have a finishing step prior to shipment, 80% will ship within 1 business day, if shipping within 1 business day is critical give us a call to verify there are no finishing steps for your particular net).

Rush Production: These will be worked outside standard production hours on overtime. There are limited slots available depending on available overtime. These will ship within 2 - 2-1/2 weeks provided that drawings (if necessary) are checked / approved within 1 week.

Normal Production: These will be put into our standard production queue, typically 3-7 weeks, you can see the projected timeframe in green.

Flexible Production: We offer a discount if you have schedule flexibility as we can better work this into our production schedule by giving an extra month to allow for production. You can see the projected lead time in blue.

Our shipment dates are not guaranteed, but we work very hard to ship by the shipping timeframe shown so long as any required drawings we send are checked in a timely manner on your end and the vast majority of our nets ship -5 / +3 days from the scheduled ship date. If you can’t check a drawing quickly, no problem, just please bear in mind that it will typically be about 2-1/2 weeks from a drawing check (if needed) before we can complete your net (potentially 3-1/2 weeks if you have a webbing net on order).
Netting Material
Black Polypropylene Mesh

Price for ea
(White or Tan add'l)

Net BordersGrommets all sides
Part NumberAtlantic 42 BKT
Out of Stock - 1-3 Days
2 Rush slots - 2 1/2 Weeks
Standard Order - 4 weeks
Flexible Order - 12 weeks

You have selected normal scheduling. This will take approximately 4 weeks to complete

Lacing Line

We offer Lacing Kits with lacing line in a braided polyester with a core, and a Dyneema or Spectra 12 strand coreless line. Lacing Kits available for your selection are below. These kits contain lines, pre-cut to the correct length for each side of the net, for the lacing pattern listed. If the nets you're ordering are a set, 1 lacing kit will cover the needed line for both nets. These kits also include tight grip gloves and lacing hooks, ideally suited for line tensioning. You can also use our Lacing Line Calculator on the installation menu to determine the correct length and line, and add it to your order on the Lacing Line page.

Installation Video Using Lacing Hooks & Lacing Kit
Part NumberDescription Price
VLPATL-42WhtPolyester Line Braided with core, 1/4"dia., White for Alternating or Perpendicular Lacing Pattern$138.51
VLPATL-42BlkPolyester Line Braided with core, 1/4"dia., Black for Alternating or Perpendicular Lacing Pattern$138.51
VLDATL-42GryDyneema/Spectra Line12 Strand Braid, 5/32"dia., Gray for Alternating or Perpendicular Lacing Pattern$240.17
VLDATL-42BlkDyneema/Spectra Line12 Strand Braid, 5/32"dia., Black for Alternating or Perpendicular Lacing Pattern$240.17