Dart 20

Dart 20


Bias Cut with a reinforced pipe sleeve Aft. lacing cover flap, trapeze grommets and jib block chafing patches

Material Choices and Price
Material AvailableWarranty PeriodPricestock
Black Polypropylene Mesh Standard Thread 2 years$498.75 Not in Stock
Black Polypropylene Mesh PTFE Thread 5 years$568.57 Not in Stock

All Trampolines are fabricated by Sunrise Yacht Products. Those items Not IN Stock can be made, usually within 3-6 weeks, depending on the time of year and our order backlog at the time of purchase. Items In Stock are available for immediate shipment

Black Polypropylene Mesh
Black Polypropylene Mesh
Beach Cat Trampoline Features
Polypropylene Mesh

Polypropylene Mesh is the ideal material for Beach Cat Trampolines. it is light strong and comfortable with very good UV resistance and will allow water to drain. Polypropyelen mesh can also be fabricated in a wide variety of shapes and borders, with cutouts, pockets, and other added on items necessary for many beach cat trampolines. The mesh is available in a black or blue color with the black having the better UV resistance. This is because Polypropylene can be infused with carbon black before it is extruded into fibers. Carbon black is the most effectve UV blocking agent. The blue polypropylene mesh also contains carbon black however not as much as the black mesh. the blue polypropylene mesh can last for 6-8 years of full exposure in high UV environments while the black can possibly last 10 years or more.

PTFE vs Standard Thread

PTFE thread is made of 100% Polytetrafluoroethylene. One of the many unique properties of this material is its complete imperviousness to UV degradation. It does not rely on a coating or blocking agent, it is simply not effected at all by UV exposure for any period of time. Typical treads made of Polyester or Nylon can loose up to 50% of their strength in 1 year in high UV environments. We extend our warranty on Polypropylene Mesh trampolines sewn with PTFE thread to 5 years compaired to 2 years for those sewn in standard thread. For boats not exposed to high UV levels, the standard polyester thread can last for many years at a significant savings to the cost of the PTFE sewn tramp.

Bias Cut vs Straight Cut Mesh

Polypropylene mesh is woven with fibers running the length and width of the mesh. When we Bias Cut this material, we cut it so that the fibers are running diagonally, or at 45° to the border of the trampoline. While Straight cut Trampolines can be stretched or distorted diagonally, Bias Cut Trampolines can be stretched or distorted in length and width. Stretching the mesh longer in one direction pulls the adjacent direction in smaller. Bias Cut trampolines can be attached with boltrope on 3 sides as a one piece tramp, by stretching the width to insert the two opposite sides at the same time. Tensioning a Bias Cut tramp stretches one direction and pulls the tramp in narrower in the adjacent direction, causing the mesh to tighten up against the boltrope track and tightening the entire surface. Straight cut tramps will need to be tensioned from 2 adjacent sides to have uniform tension.


Pockets on Polypropyne Mesh trampolines are usually made wtih Velcro, Zipper, or Shock Cord Closures. If pockets are included they will be listed in the description, if not listed they can be added or if listed they can be changed. Our Velcro Pockets are a low profile design with 2 pleated sides for some additional volumn. The standard velcro pocket included on many trampolines is an 11" x 12" size that works well for haylard lines and small items. Larger Pockets are better made with zippers or shock cord closures. Shock cord pockets work well for larger items like life jackets or sails while zipper pockets can hold smaller items that may slide out of the shock cord pocket. Pockets can also be made underneath with a circular access hole in the tramp to keep the topside surface clean. If you would like to add or change the pockets on one of these trampolines please give us a call or email to discuss the options.

Hiking Straps

Our hiking straps are made of a strong 1-3/4" vinyl coated nylon webbing that will hold up well to UV exposure and use. Typically these straps are attached at the fwd end and loose at the aft end passing under a retainer in the middle that is sewn down to the tramp. the loose aft end is tied off to the trampoline lacing line so that it can be adjusted to the correct tension.

Grommet Borders

Grommets are a very common method for tensioning trampolines, however to be effective and durable the borders must strong enough to support the stress. Our grommet borders are well reinforced with the mesh folding over webbing and heavy dacron reinforcement. The reinforcement is sewn down with multiple rows of stitching before it is covered with a vinyl covered fabric. the final cover is sewn with at least 5 rows of stitching which securly binds everything to the mesh. The result is a very stiff well protected border that disperses the loads from the grommets evenly into the mesh and allows for maximum tensioning of the trampoline.

Boltrope Borders

On the Polypropylene Mesh, Boltropes are made by extending the mesh around the boltrope, not as an added on piece. On boltropes uder 3/8" we use a specially made hard luff briad that does not compress like a normal braided line can. On Bias Cut trampolines the boltrope is covered with a vinyl covered fabric, and additional vinyl patches are added at the ends of the rope to protect against chafing from the track.

Webbing Tabs

On trampolines that use webbing tabs for lacing we vinyl coat the webbing and sew it down to the renforcement prior to covering so the stressed stitching is not exposed to UV or chafing.