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Custom Net Quote Request Measurement form

1 piece Catamaran Net
Please refer to the diagram below, and enter the measurements and information requested on the form. Select the units that you are using and enter measuremnts as decimal inches or centimeters only. You can use the calculator on the left to convert feet and fractions of an inch to decimal inches. Click on the help buttons for descriptions of the information requested. When you have completed the form click the continue button at the bottom of this page to complete the request.

Opening Measurements 
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Attachment Methods 

Side Curvature 
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Sharp with close attachments

Corners are sharp, not rounded or cut back, and have net attachments within 3"(75mm) of at least one side of the corner

Sharp without close attacments

Corners are sharp, not rounded or cut back, but net attachmetns are more than 3"(75mm) away from both sides of the corner

Rounded small

Corners are slightly rounded with a radius of 3"(75mm) or less that would not effect the shape of the net

Rounded medium

Corners are rounded with a radius of 3"(75mm) to 12"(300mm) where the corner of the net will need to be cut back, these corners may or may not have attachments in the radius

Rounded large

Corners are rounded with a radius of over 12"(300mm) where the 2 sides are more like one continous curve with attachments through out the radius

Cut Back small

Corners are cut diagonally but less than 3"(75mm) from the extended sharp corner that would not effect the shape of the net

Cut Back medium

Corners are cut diagonally 3"(75mm) to 12"(300mm) from the extended sharp corner where the net will also need to be cut back

Cut Back large

Corners are cut diagonally more than 12"(300mm) from the extended sharp corner

Fixed Lacing Points

Non-Movable like eye straps, pad eyes, holes or cut outs in rails, where grommets in the net will need to be aligned with these existing lacing points on the boat

Movable Lacing Points

Lacing slides in a track, lacing around beams or rails, or where fixed lacing points will be installed after the net is made

Track for Boltrope

Usually an aluminum track or beam that can accept a round bead or welting sewn to the edge of the net. This eliminates the lacing and gap however can only be used on 1, 2 or 3 sides of the net depending on the material

Suspension Cable

Either steel cable or low stretch synthetic line suspended between pad eyes at the corners with no other support. These cables will form a catenary curves and should be attached to strong Eye Bolts as the loads will be significantly greater than other lacing points

No Attachments for this side of net

Most of the nets can be made with an internal support, of either webbing or low stretch line, that can span 1 or 2 unsupported sides. The corners of these sides will need strong Eye Bolts the same as for the Suspension Cables. Nets supported in this manor will not be as firm as nets laced to structure

Measuring Curved Sides

The amount of curvature would be the cord of the curve, or the maximum distance between the curved side and a straight line drawn from corner to corner, usually obtained near the midpoint of the side. This can be taken by laying a straight edge or chalk line on the deck from corner to corner and measuring the largest distance to the curved side. If the deck is not flat enough to allow this a straight line can also be pulled out accross the net, so that it is just touching the curved side in one spot near midpoint, and measuring the distance from the ends of the line to the corners of the opening. the average of these 2 distances will be the cord of the curve. If the corners are rounded then the reference points should be the same extended sharp corners used for the Opening Measurements. Please also check whether the side curves In, toward the center of the net or Out, away from the net

Measuring the Boat Opeing for a Net

Measurements should be taken of the Opening from corner to corner. If the corners are rounded or cutback, then the lines of the sides should be extended, past the rounded corners, to where they intersect or would form a sharp corner if not for the radius. If the boat uses track for Boltrope or lacing slides then the measurements should be taken from the edge of the track or where the edge of the track would form a sharp corner if it was extended. If Lacing points are located on a Flange or the Deck then the Measurements should be taken from a line running through the center of the lacing points extended to the sharp corner. If the side is supported by a cable then the dimensions should be taken from the center of the Pad Eye the cable is attached to. If the cable Pad Eye is mounted past the edge of the opening then the mesure should be from where a straight line, drawn from Pad Eye to Pad Eye, crosses that edge.