Materials & Construction
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Quality materials are the starting point for all great products. We have the nets made to our specifications in the USA and Japan in order to ensure that we can make the best available products. All of our nets have been designed to provide the comfort and durability we take pride in delivering. Naturally, since we spec'd them, our nets are all knotless.

Key Variables to Consider

UV Protection - All of our nets offered for outdoor use are UV protected. Our polyester and webbing nets are coated with our proprietary UV protective coating (which also offers you the color of your choice). Our gray dyneema net is coated with a UV protector at our factory, and the black dyneema is impregnated with UV protectant.

Elasticity - The more elastic the material, the more it gives underfoot while walking on it, but this allows for greater comfort when resting on your arm while lounging on it. There are some trade-offs inherent with elasticity as you are balancing comfort and "walkability". Bear in mind that all our nets will be comfortable to lie down on, and you will be able to comfortably walk on any of our nets, it is just a matter of balancing which has the higher priority.

Border Style - We offer all of our nets with our vinyl / grommet border. On our more open nets we also offer a rope border. The vinyl / grommet border is a bit more formal looking while the rope border allows the airy feeling of a net to carry closer to the edge.

Price - In general, the nets below are shown in order of decreasing price. You may very well find that the ideal net for your application is not our highest priced material. The 3/8" Offshore net is a fantastic net for balancing comfort, durability, and budget.

Openness - The wider the opening, the easier it is to see through. This allows more of the visual juxtaposition of the net and its background. Depending on where the net is located you may find that you want more or less openness. Additionally, in general, having a more open net does make it a little less comfortable. You will be plenty comfortable lying down on it, but if you are leaning on your elbow while lying on the more open nets you are likely to feel the strands.

1 inch webbing with sewn reinforced grommet border
1 inch webbing net in a dock space

1" Webbing: This is a specialty material that we designed for those wanting the ultimate in durability. 1" webbing is custom woven to each order at our facility using a proprietary and highly durable process. It is then coated in the color of your choice with our UV protectant. These nets routinely last over 12-15 years on the high seas. We can make the nets with any size average opening between the webbing straps, but we find that 1-1/2" square openings offers a very nice combination of breathability and comfort. Webbing nets can be tensioned to offer the best walking platform available yet remain pliable enough to be extremely comfortable for lounging on. If you want to create a very large open space that will be occupied by more than 5 people then you should definitely be considering this. This is the material our owner chose for his own large backyard sunbed.

1 inch Black Dyneema open net

Black Dyneema: Made with one of the strongest man-made fibers in existence. It is both lighter and stronger than steel cable for a given diameter. We offer it with both rope and vinyl/grommet borders. This material is typically used on racing oriented multicraft and with a minimum of elasticity it be tightened to the highest tension of all of our nets offered. Black Dyneema nets offer and advantage over the gray dyneema in they they are impregnated with UV protection while the gray dyneema nets offer the UV protection as a coating. While we have not had the product on the market long enough to verify this, we do fully expect to see a longer life from the black dyneema nets.

1 inch silver dyneema in a dock
1 inch silver dyneema at a resort

Silver Dyneema: Made with one of the strongest man-made fibers in existence. It is both lighter and stronger than steel cable for a given diameter. We offer it with both rope and vinyl/grommet borders. This material is typically used on racing oriented multicraft and with a minimum of elasticity it be tightened to the highest tension of all of our nets offered. Silver Dyneema is offered with a UV protectant giving them significantly extended outdoor life over unprotected dyneema products.

3/8 inch offshore netting
3/8 inch offshore netting in a dock

3/8" Offshore: Many find the 3/8" Offshore to be the sweet spot for a comfortable, long-lasting net. It is one of our more elastic nets and as it is closed it is exceptionally comfortable. The increased elasticity does make it give more when walking on it, but it is perfectly OK to walk on and the balance of comfort can be worth it. We coat it with our proprietary UV protectant in the color of your choice and it offers excellent durability. Due to the small opening sizes we do not offer this with a rope border, but you'll find the vinyl/grommet border looks great on it.

1 1/4 inch Ultra-Pro with grommet border
1 1/4 inch Ultra-Pro on a Yacht

1-1/4" Ultra-Pro: We developed this as a very open net that offers the openness of Dyneema at a much lower price. It is more elastic than Dyneema, and less elastic than the 3/8" Offshore. The 1-1/4" openings of the squares offer excellent sight lines through the material and it is also highly breathable. After being coated with our UV protectant it offers good durability and is our most budget friendly material. It is offered with either a vinyl / grommet border or our rope border.

Hanging Daybed with ComfortMesh
ComfortMesh in a dock, enjoy the coffee

ComfortMesh: ComfortMesh (Coated Polyester Mesh): This is a mid-strength, very comfortable material. Initially designed as a material for trimaran wing nets, we have found it to be a good option where a comfortable net in custom colors is desired. It has lower transparency and is an excellent fit for smaller nets & Daybeds.

Border Styles

Vinyl Coated Rope Border

Rope Border: We offer the rope border on our larger weave nets (Dyneema & Ultra-Pro). The rope border offers a more open sense when installed as it allows the visible net to carry farther towards the edge. While others make rope border nets, ours is very unique in its fabrication and you'll note that it has a much cleaner appearance. It is also notably more durable than a typical rope border as all locking thread is PTFE (UV inert thread) and the border is finished with a coating of our proprietary UV protectant which greatly extends the life of the product as well as color matching the edge to your net. While the rope border is typically a little less expensive than the vinyl/grommet border, border choice is more often a choice of aesthetics than anything else.

Sewn Reinforced Vinyl Stainless Grommet Border

Vinyl/Grommet Border: We offer the vinyl/grommet border on all of our nets. It is reinforced in order to be nice and stiff in the plane of the net. This allows the net to show minimal "scalloping" in the edge of the net that typically presents itself on rope border nets, or vinyl border nets without reinforcement. All external stitching is made with PTFE (UV inert) thread and nickel plated grommets are placed every 5" (125mm) in order to allow the net to be tensioned properly. Due to the grommets being the only position you can lace to, accurately locating the hardware lacing points on the frame is of more importance with this style. This border tends to give a more formal feel than the rope border. Customers have also found that they can create a unique appearance by choosing colors for the vinyl that contrast the base net color.