Architectural Netting
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Architectural netting is the most comfortable place from which to enjoy your Great Backyard. Larger than any daybed you’ve seen before, more breathable than any cushioned lounger, and more durable than any outdoor furniture you’ve ever seen. Try for yourself & see why world class resorts have been using our netting for decades or see what our customers have to say about it below!

Customer Interviews

Example Installations

It's the simple things... sitting on the dock of your bay

We Take Netting Seriously

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Do you have a space in your backyard dock, outdoor deck, or inside your home? Architectural tensioned netting is well worth your consideration. Chances are you aren't a netting expert. That's fine...we are. Our team has built high end trampolines for the world's finest catamarans and trimarans for over 20 years. During that time we have refined our engineering designs and processes in order to make the best looking, most durable nets available. We use the same designs and processes for your deck and dock architectural nets as we do for our ocean-going designs. Our nets are proven to hold up to the harsh environments seen in sailing craft circumnavigating the globe. Your dock party won't faze them.

1 inch webbing on Contoy catamaran

Ocean or Land. The same design.

We were inspired to begin making architectural netting by our customers. They repeatedly told us they wished they could enjoy the same comfort on land as they found they enjoyed relaxing on the nets on their boats. We finally listened to them and decided to give it a try. Our customer response was fantastic...they love the look, comfort, and durability of these nets.

Dock net installed into frame

The Basics

There are several basic things to consider when looking at architectural netting for your deck or dock.  We offer a range of materials with options to suit our customer’s needs in comfort, durability, openness, and budget:

1. Comfort: Your net should be comfortable, however, this means different things depending on the use and size.  Do you intend to spend more time walking on, sitting down on, or lounging while laying out in the sun on your net?  All of our nets will offer incredible breathability for comfort in the warmer times of the year, but balancing the other aspects of comfort for your use is something we can help you with.

2. Aesthetics: We believe the net should be beautiful, not just incredibly comfortable.  The pattern, openness, and color of the net material and the weave openness affect the feel the net gives.  A very open net with a rope border gives an airy feeling, while tighter weave nets can give greater color accent. 

3. Budget: We are not a price-driven company.  We are a quality driven company.  We firmly believe that if we design and build products that we are proud of and sell them at a fair price then  we will satisfy our customers.  We source our materials from a variety of manufacturers in the USA and Japan and most of our materials are unavailable elsewhere as they are made to our specifications.  We also ensure that all products entering service with solar exposure are UV protected.  Manufacturing in this manner allows us to offer what are easily the best warranties in the market, but is also means we do not sell a purely budget oriented product.  However, we do offer a variety of price points and when one factors in that our tensioned nets will last 2 or 3 times longer than our competitor's we find that on an annualized basis our products typically offer more value than the others available.

4. Durability: We offer the longest warranty available for tensioned architectural netting because we put the most attention into detail.  Our borders are over-engineered for durable strength, our solar exposed thread is PTFE, and all nets are UV protected. 


Our Materials

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All of our products start with the raw material. Our netting materials are built to our specifications at factories in the USA and Japan. By having the nets built to our specifications in factories that we trust we can design them for durability and comfort. For example, in many cases our netting strands are made of a larger diameter than they need to be from a strength perspective in order to maximize their comfort as narrow strands can cut into the skin. Other nets of ours (the 3/8" offshore) are made with openings just small enough that a child can't catch their toe in an opening...and also small enough so that it doesn't cut into your dog's paw. There are many variables and we strive to have the ideal net for any scenario you might have. More details are available on our Materials and Construction page.