Corsair 880 Wing w/straps

Trampoline pricing for the Corsair 880 Wing w/straps nets. Order today to reserve your production slot. We have continually improved trampoline design for over 30 years. From here you can select your ideal material to optimize for durability, comfort, & aesthetics. If you sail a catamaran or trimaran then you know just how important the performance of your mesh, netting, or webbing trampoline is. Because of this we do not offer all of our materials for all boats. If we are able to reasonably offer a material for your boat, then it is shown below. Select the material to continue with building your boat's next custom net. (For scale all images are of a 12"/30cm wide piece of net).

Material Options & Pricing for Corsair 880 Wing w/straps Trampolines & Nets

We offer a wide range of material options for the Corsair 880 Wing w/straps. Please select the material option you would like to see further options and complete pricing.
Corsair 880 Wing w/straps
Corsair 880 Wing w/straps Trampoline Net, shown with Boltrope O.B. Grommets 3 Sides, internal tension lines Fwd/Aft (this may not match the options you will select)

OEM Nets starting 2019, with Hiking Straps

Not a stock item, select material options for your custom net to the right.