Pajot Maryland 37

Pajot Maryland 37 Pajot Maryland 37, shown with Cable Sleeve Fwd, Grommet borders 3 sides
The Fountaine Pajot Maryland 37 is typically fit with Square Hole Mesh Nets.

If you decide to Order we will provide a CAD Drawing showing the features selected, along with dimensions and details necessary to confirm the fit. We will be able to revise this drawing as necessary and will not start work on an order without your approval.

Netting Material
Light Duty 3/4” Nylon Open Net
select color to check stock or production lead time
Net BordersCable Sleeve Fwd, Grommet borders 3 sides
Part NumberPajot Maryland 37 LKT
(White or Tan add'l)
$674.00 / ea

Lacing Line

We offer lacing line in a braided polyester with a core, and a Dyneema or Spectra 12 strand coreless line. You can use our Lacing Line Calculator on the installation menu to determine the correct length and line, and add it to your order on the Lacing Line page.